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Students of Moreland School District from USA Organize a Fundraiser to Support Children’s Education in India

Author: ActionAid Association India Team
Posted on: Wednesday, 23rd February 2022

Students from Moreland School District recently carried out their yearly fundraiser. As part of the fundraiser, students researched on and identified the social causes and organizations to be supported. Among others, they narrowed down on the cause for ActionAid Association India to support children’s right to education as they believed education is an important part in every child’s life.

Moreland School District’s students – Ayaan Raza, a 7th grader at Moreland Middle School and his sister, Numaa Raza, a 3rd grade student at Baker Elementary – created boards to highlight the causes and organizations that they would run the fundraiser for. These included WeEmbrace to support inclusion of individuals with different abilities; DirectRelief for wildfire relief efforts in California, Oregon, Washington and Montana, and Hurricane Ida response for affected states like New Jersey, New York and Louisiana; ActionAid Association India to support child’s right to childhood based on Right to Education Act, India; Challenge to Conquer to help change the lives of challenged kids in India through Mithra; Moreland Education Foundation to enable children to participate in music programme; and ActionAid USA to help solve the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and support earthquake recovery efforts in Haiti.

As part of the fundraiser, Ayaan and Numaa sold fancy keychains, mirrors, pencils and candles. They raised awareness among public on the various social issues and reached out to donors who had supported fundraisers in the past, besides contacting new donors across the USA. They also promoted the fundraiser through social media and emails. Additionally, they reached out to Cerebras Systems and with permission from their CEO Mr. Andrew Feldman and support from his team, Ms. Marie Vu and Mr. Andrew Fetter, displayed the boards in their office. With help from the Cerebras team and from friends and family, they were able to raise a total of 8112.00 dollars. The funds were subsequently distributed equally among all causes.