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Simple ways to help children in need in India!

Nearly 243 million Indian children and young adults in the age between 0-19 years live in extreme poverty as per World Poverty Clock in June 2020. Providing protection, good food, health, and education will save children from hunger and deprivation. Denying any one of these basic needs will make a needy child vulnerable to abuse, exploitation and poverty. Children need protection from social evils, including child labour, early marriage and sexual abuse. We suggest a few ways how you can help children in need.

Online Donation to Charitable Organisations

Online donation saves time, overcomes distance and is hassle-free. ActionAid India (registered as ActionAid Association) is a charitable organisation with a vision to see a world without poverty, inequality, and injustice. You may donate to children in need or donate for child education through us.  Together we can help children out of hunger and deprivation. Your act for children can protect them from a vulnerable childhood.

Child Sponsorship Program

Child sponsorship helps you see the long-lasting change in the life of a needy child. The child you sponsor keeps you informed of the change happening in her or his life, and in the community the child lives. This is a unique program that builds an emotional connection between you and your sponsored child. The child you sponsor acts as your ambassador of change. With more than 40 years of experience of working in India, ActionAid India justly claims to be the best child sponsorship organisation in the country.

Volunteer for a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)

Becoming NGO volunteers is a good option for individuals who have passion for social work without leaving their job, career, or college. Volunteer to help needy children by sparing a few hours of your time and expertise.  ActionAid India has a good platform for volunteers and offers a volunteering certificate for every individual who joins our mission. Start as a volunteer with ActionAid to pursue your passion for changing lives for good.

Crowdfunding platforms

You may use ActionAid’s crowdfunding platform to support needy children and other causes, including helping women resist violence. Raising funds to help needy children and support programmes to end poverty is made easy with just one click here.

Sharing on Social Media platforms

Share about good acts of how you help impoverished children through social media platforms. Advocate about the importance of helping children in need. Let your friends, colleagues and relatives know what ActionAid India does. Display our social sharing buttons on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages.

Join Us:

ActionAid Association, with its regional offices in 12 states, works across India. We help children in need and the communities they live in, become self-sufficient to lead a life with dignity. Every year more than 45,000 children help us build narratives of transformation in the lives of individuals and communities across India. Many more millions of children in India lack good food and affordable education. An estimate says 1.35 lakh children are trafficked each year in India; 1.2 million are forced into prostitution. This compels us to join and act immediately to protect needy children and give them a life they deserve.


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