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ActionAid India works in 25 states and 1 union territory of India, with a vision to A world without poverty, patriarchy and injustice in which every person enjoys the right to life with dignity.


since: 2012
    • Name Of The Initiative
    • AESS
    • Allied Organisation
    • Ekta
    • Working together since
    • 2010
    • States
    • Odisha
    • Villages Reached
    • 103
    • Blocks Reached
    • 8
    • Districts Reached
    • 1
    • No Of Girls
    • 4,064
    • No Of Boys
    • 3,000
    • No Of People With Disability
    • 173
    • Transgender Benefited
    • 12
    • Families Indirectly Benefited
    • 7,927
    • Vulnerable Groups Reached
    • Tribals and Dalits
    • Focus Areas Of Intervention
    • Empowering the communities to access their rights over land, water, forests and other commons; advocating for their participation in public welfare schemes; restoring rights of women and girls, and ensuring their safety; ensuring the rights of children, their education and protection; and advocating for providig them with equal socio-economic opportunities.
    • Basic Information about the initiative
    • Adivasi Ekta Sashaktikaran Sammanway (AESS) is a project carried forward by Adivasi Ekta Sangathan (AES), which is a non-registered network of tribal and dalit leaders and NGOs working on this issue which was established in 2009. Prior to this it was functioning as a direct initiative of ActionAid under the name ムRegional Initiative for Tribal Empowerment and Solidarity (RITES) Koraputメ. But after a proposal for converting this initiative into a long-term project was floated, the tribal volunteers working in RITES Koraput and reporting directly to ActionAid, decided to form their own organisation, work independently and change networkメs name and was born AES. In initial phase, AES members realized that in order to give a meaningful intervention to their people they need to work specifically with that section of marginalised tribals and dalits who have been deprived of their rights due to historic exploitative systems, dam projects, industries and other developmental initiatives. They conceptualized a project called Adivasi Ekta Sasaktikaran Sammanwaya (AESS) or regional initiative for tribal empowerment and solidarity in 209 villages across 9 Panchayats under 8 blocks within Koraput district.
    • KeyWords
    • Livelihood; land rights; Child rights; women rights; gender equality; welfare;
    • Families Benefited
    • 5,497
    • Population Benefited
    • 29,797
    • Women Benefited
    • 11,299
    • Men Benefited
    • 11,249
    • Children Benefited
    • 7,064