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Broken Promises

Update: 4-July-2014

The study takes note that the process of the implementation of the PM’s New 15-Point Programme has begun. But despite the promise of the Prime Minister in 2005, this has not, so far, been placed on ‘high priority’ for implementation. The government has instituted the pre and post-matric scholarships for Muslim students. However, the programme has not reached the majority of the students. Only 17.7 percent students have benefited so far, a majority receiving the pre-matric scholarships. Since the programme is being implemented through the state governments, the proportion of beneficiaries ranges from 53 percent in Haryana and 46 percent in Kerala on the one hand to 3 percent in Gujarat and 2 percent in Rajasthan on the other. According to National Sample Survey 2013 (NSS 2013) of the National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO), unemployment among all social groups — both in rural and urban areas — has declined between 2004-05 and 2010-11. It is so among the Muslims also; however, the nature of employment is a different issue, as a majority of them are in the informal sector. The present study reveals that the real income of Muslim households has declined in the last fi ve years. NSS data also bears out this that among the all religious communities, Muslims have the lowest per capita consumer expenditure (covering household expenditure on basic needs); according to the NSS data, Muslim households spend `980 per capita (`1,272 in urban areas and `833 in rural areas).