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Ranjeet Suhaas Bandi

Published on: Friday, 29th March 2019
“I joined ActionAid about 5 years ago on the recommendation of a colleague. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect from the whole arrangement but the experience so far has been nothing short of great. Every year, I wait for the day I get the picture, letter and drawing from Jyoti* (the child I sponsor) as it makes me very happy. I’ve treasured everything I got from her and when I see her pictures through the years, I feel like I’m a part of her life and that feeling is tremendously special. The folks at ActionAid have been extremely helpful and courteous throughout this journey. They provide me with the information I need, as early as possible and also keep me informed. My strong belief in them and ActionAid led me to take up sponsorship of another child (Vinod*, Jyoti’s brother) this year. I wish ActionAid all the best in their future endeavors to support children all across our country.”

– Ranjeet Suhaas Bandi ActionAid Association India Supporter

*Names changed to protect identity of children


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