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Case of Violence against women filed


Cases of Violence Against Women Addressed Through Community Mechanism


Gram Sabha Resolutions Seeking Implementation of PCPNDT Act and Prevent Violence Against women


Child Marriages Cases Prevented


Trafficked Girls and women Rescued


Survivors of Patriarchal Violnce Provided Rehabilitation Support

Stop violence against women

Gender-based violence is a manifestation of patriarchy and historically unequal power relations between men and women. According to estimates 1 in 3 women around the world has experienced either physical or sexual violence in her lifetime (WHO, 2013). In India 39 crimes against women and girls are reported every hour (NCRB, 2016). ActionAid India has been working on the issue of violence against women across its operational areas by ensuring safe spaces in communities, providing women survivors of patriarchal violence with immediate relief and rehabilitation support.

Creating safe spaces

We work with the community, including boys and men, to create safe schools and safe public spaces for women in their village or bastis and stop gender discrimination. So far, we have trained 15,749 men and boys on women issues. Your help will ensure communities in more villages and bastis resolve to create safe spaces.

Relief and support to survivors of patriarchal violence

We work with village and basti level groups to provide support to women survivors of violence with medical, psycho-social and legal support. Your help will ensure relief to more survivors of patriarchal violence.

Rehabilitation of survivors of patriarchal violence

We work with village and basti level groups to facilitate livelihood linkage to survivors of violence and help overcome challenges in addressing gender-based violence and gender discrimination. We have enabled 9,676 single women to access various social entitlements. Your help will ensure rehabilitation to more survivors opatriarchal violence.


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ActionAid partners with numerous organizations ranging from grass-roots organizations who actively engage with the most disadvantaged sections of society to large corporates who help make a considerable difference to the battle against poverty through logistical, financial and other support

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