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Women Refugee Voices from Asia and Africa

Update: Update: September 13, 2021

This book presents experiences of women refugees in a variety of contexts across Asia and Africa and builds a framework to ensure robust and effective mechanisms to safeguard refugees’ rights. It highlights the structural challenges that women who are forcibly displaced face and the inadequacies of the response of governments and other stakeholders, irrespective of the country of origin, ethnicity, and religion of the refugee community.

This volume:

● Focuses on contemporary issues such as the Rohingya and the Syrian crisis.

● Brings first-person accounts of women refugees from Asia and Africa.

● Draws on an interdisciplinary approach to analyse a host of issues, including public policy, cultural norms, and economics of forced migration.

Bringing together first-hand accounts from women refugees and interventions by activists, academics, journalists, filmmakers, humanitarian workers, and international law experts, this book will be a must read for scholars and researchers of migration and diaspora studies, development studies, sociology and social anthropology, and politics and public policy. It will be of special interest to NGOs, policymakers, and think tanks.