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Jyoty Chauhan, 26 with her 5 month old daughter Tanya Chauhan at her home in Bhalswa, New Delhi

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I had the most adventurous as well as the most rewarding of experiences I’ve ever had while volunteering at ActionAid. It would be hard to put into words how much


ActionAid gave me a chance to try myself in secondary research. I was to find information on Agriculture. My work on Agriculture in India focused on the status of marginal




ActionAid partners with numerous organizations ranging from grass-roots organizations who actively engage with the most disadvantaged sections of society to large corporates who help make a considerable difference to the battle against poverty through logistical, financial and other support


Climate change will cause migration in South Asia to escalate uncontrollably in coming years, warn three major international organisations

Three major international organisations warn of the

4 months ago

Over 4 in 10 women in India experience harassment before the age of 19

More than four in 10 women (41%)

4 months ago

Society becomes resilient and sustainable when women lead

New Delhi: Limited mobility and the socially assigned

5 months ago

India must ensure equitable action for all in next steps of its climate change negotiations, says ActionAid India

Reacting to India’s ratification of the Paris

6 months ago

Collective Social Responsibility is the New CSR - Mumbai

Collective Social Responsibility is the New CSR - Mumbai

Sun n Sand | 03-Feb-2017

Discussion on the Issues of Children & Release of Report on the Status of Ashram Schools in Odisha

Discussion on the Issues of Children & Release of Report

Press Club of Odisha | 02-Feb-2017


Campaign plan on #UnpaidWork & #carework being discussed by participants @ Advocacy Workshop organised by… https://t.co/y34BFjo4nI
24 March 2017

A child is meant to learn not to earn. #ChildLabour must be stopped! Because #ChildhoodMatters Support us… https://t.co/NRTEfQs8MV
24 March 2017

The long road to freedom has been walked on for centuries and still calls us to the struggle!… https://t.co/13gAPwrT5W
25 March 2017

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” - George Santayana #TransatlanticSlaveTrade… https://t.co/rjeRidWIZE
25 March 2017

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Stoires of change


'Seeds bank reviving our traditional agricultural practices'

“Five years back, we were depending fully upon big farmers or the seed vendors for...

‘My land gave me confidence to move on’

She is young not more than 28 years. But Phula Naik had to go through...

No arms, legs but spirit high

The brutal attack on Bant Singh Jagger of Jhabbar village of Mansa District because he...

Sarbani Barman: In Search of a New Horizon

Durganagar Marine Fisherwomen’s Collective at Durganagar village of West Bengal's South 24 Pragana district had faced...