“I’ll use profits from the sale of organic produce to educate my grandchildren” - ActionAid India
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“I’ll use profits from the sale of organic produce to educate my grandchildren”

Published on: Friday, 15th November 2019

Author: Priyanka Khullar

Photo: Radha and her husband, Gopalan, on their farm

We had heard a lot about organic farming and its benefits but did not know how to go about doing it. Thanks to the recent training provided by ActionAid Association, Oracle and Charities Aid Foundation, we are now already practicing it,” says Radha, 55, from Venkayaparrakudi village in Adimali Panchayat of Idukki district, Kerala. Venkayaparrakudi has a total of 28 families. The floods that hit Kerala in 2018 had badly destroyed their crop – pepper plant, cocoa, elaichi as well as coconut. ActionAid Association (AAA), with support from Oracle and Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), reached out to eight worst-affected families in Venkayaparrakudi with support for agricultural activities. These families were provided a wide variety of saplings factoring in the local ecology and climate, besides cash support of Rs. 1,200 each and a training in organic farming.

Radha’s family had never cultivated rambutan, orange and lemon on their farm, given the expenses involved. “We are grateful to ActionAid Association, Oracle and Charities Aid Foundation for providing us these saplings. We have already planted them and hope to see our profits growing as a result of the sale of these expensive fruits,” shares Gopalan, Radha’s husband. A set of 10 types of vegetable seeds was also part of the sapling kit distributed. Gopalan plans to sow the vegetable seeds in January 2020.

Happy with the benefits of organic farming and the increased profits that the sale of organic fruits and vegetables would bring, Radha shares how she intends to spend the increased income. “I will invest it all in the education of my grandchildren,” she says, with a wide smile on her face and pride shining bright in her eyes!

In total, AAA, Oracle and CAF have provided 237 families, covering 13 villages of Idukki, with support for agricultural activities, besides supporting the repair of five anganwadis, five schools and one community hall in the district.