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Ayaan, Numaa and Amogh’s Longstanding Commitment to Education

Author: Shalini Perumal
Posted on: Tuesday, 7th March 2023
Ayaan Raza, an 8th grader from Moreland Middle School, and his sister Numaa Raza, a 4th grader from Baker Elementary School organized a fundraiser in San Jose, California (USA) to spread quality education for children from marginalized communities.

Fundraiser held at Cerebras Systems


Ayaan and Numaa are fundraising for education

Amogh bakes cookies to fundraise for ActionAid Association.
Ayaan, Numaa sold various items, including candles, pouches, and pencils, to raise funds for this crucial cause. They also held the fundraiser at Cerebras Systems, an American artificial intelligence company, and employees supported them by donating and buying the items listed for sale. They reached out to family and friends around the world to raise awareness of the efforts taken by the ActionAid Association in providing access to education for all children around India.
Also, Amogh Gurlahosur, an 8th grader from Stratford School, and a friend of Ayaan joined the fundraiser in the later stage and raised funds by selling cookies. Through their combined efforts, Ayaan, Numaa, and Amogh have been able to donate INR 1.2 lakhs to ActionAid Association.
This is not the first time that Ayaan has fundraised for ActionAid Association. In 2022, Ayaan planned a fundraiser through his organization FutureMinds4Kids which offers students the chance to learn coding online by teaching classes on different programming languages such as Scratch, HTML/CSS, Python, and Java. Before this, Ayaan donated an oxygen concentrator to ActionAid Association during the second wave of COVID-19 infections to help vulnerable families survive the impact of the pandemic.
We at ActionAid Association are grateful to Ayaan, Numaa, and Amogh for their hard work, commitment to education, and longstanding support!