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Because this is Christmas! Make a donation your gift

Author: Getzi Joel
Posted on: Friday, 4th December 2020

Donation for the needy as Christmas Gift!

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is going to make Christmas different for all of us. There will be no large parties, no going out to celebrate and no carol singing. Celebrations in these unprecedented times will be restricted to small groups of friends and family, with the much-needed physical distancing or will be all virtual.  But togetherness and the spirit of giving will not change. This is what makes Christmas important and helps us feel strong and gives us hope. Because this is Christmas – the festival of sharing joy, love and peace with one another. This is the time of exchanging gifts with loved ones.  Let us not allow COVID-19 to destroy the spirit of Christmas. Instead let us make Christmas a good time for all in need.

This Christmas, Gift a Donation!

Though receiving gifts is exciting and fun, the real pleasure is in giving. Let us make this Christmas season a little better for children who lack access to nutritious food, education and remain vulnerable to getting caught in labour. Donate to a poor child in the name of your loved one, so you become closer in the active of giving, and help a child live a life with dignity. Even a small amount will help needy children survive the impact of COVID-19.  We all know of the story of “The magi” or the wise men who gave gifts to the baby Jesus who was born in a manger. A donation to help children in need and their families is certainly a meaningful gift for Christmas. End the year with joyous giving and declare your New Year resolutions to make this world a better place for all.

Gift to change lives for good

Your Donation to a charitable NGO will help in changing the lives of poor children for good.  Donate money as gift for Christmas and New Year to needy children, their families, and communities.  Give a onetime gift to meet any one of their needs. Becoming a monthly giver is a good option to make a longer impact in their lives.

Donation Gift With Your Loved One to ActionAid Association

ActionAid Association is a registered NGO in India. We seek to build world without poverty, patriarchy, and injustice, where everyone irrespective of caste, creed or sex enjoys life with dignity.  To achieve this, we work with the most excluded and vulnerable communities with a special focus on women and children. By choosing Child Sponsorship as your donation gift this Christmas or New Year, you can transform the life of a child in need as well as the communities they live in.

Gift of Education:

When you sponsor a child, the child gets access to quality education. The child is enabled to join their peer group to discuss the problems they face in receiving good education. The community the child lives in, receives training and skills. This will help the community identify the barriers to access quality education and find solutions to overcome to those obstacles.

Gift of Healthy Life

Access to safe drinking water and health services saves a child from preventable diseases like malaria, diarrhoea etc.  The community is enabled to claim their right to access their entitlements to provide a healthy life to their children and families.

Gift of Protection

The child is protected from harmful practices like child marriage, child labour, trafficking and other forms of abuse and violence. Sponsor a child this Christmas and give them the hope to secure a life with good food, health, education, and protection. Let us welcome the New Year 2021 with a joy of satisfaction.