4 ways Diwali Donation can help a poor child
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4 ways your Diwali donation can change the life of kids from vulnerable communities

Author: Debangana Baruah
Posted on: Thursday, 17th October 2019
Photo: Donate for Child education this diwali

4 ways your Diwali donation can change the life of kids from vulnerable communities

Every year, Diwali brings us joy and happiness. We look forward to spending time with friends and family and to celebrate the festival of lights with great enthusiasm. Diwali symbolizes the victory of good over evil and light over darkness. Light symbolizes knowledge and consciousness. This Diwali let us step forward to make the world a better place for ourselves and for others. Let us do something that can change the lives of children from vulnerable communities. What could be a better time than Diwali, to show our love and our concern for children who need it most?  What could be a better time to sponsor a child, transform their lives and that of the community in which they live? Let us work together on this festival of light to overcome the problems our society still faces. This Diwali let us donate for the well-being of a child. Here are 4 ways in which your Diwali Donation can change the life of underprivileged kids!!!


Too many children are at risk of abuse, oppression and even violence. The mental trauma experienced by children at risk and children survivors is difficult to imagine; we know of instances where families have not accepted child survivors of violence and abuse. Child protection is high on the agenda of the interventions you will support.  Community-based monitoring of children at risk of trafficking and child marriage will be created with your support and there will be more encouragement of schools and child protection structures of the government to be proactive for child protection. You will support the building of collectives of children and young people so they can participate in community decision making processes to address issues they face together and by children and young people especially. Children are our future, both individually and collectively for our society. Your donation will help create a safe environment for children.


Malnutrition is a major cause of death in children under the age of five in India. While great strides have been made in reducing malnutrition-related deaths, however much more still needs to be done. In many states, the situation is still serious, and especially for children of vulnerable communities. Malnutrition and health are crucial issues that need community-based interventions to ensure better provisioning and more effective reaching out by administrative structures. When you sponsor a child, you support community-based interventions that help in the proper growth and development of the child. Through your sponsorship, children in vulnerable communities will be able to access nutritional mid-day meals in schools and also cases of malnutrition will be addressed on priority. A well-nourished, healthy child is the foundation of a better future for all.


For society to develop and grow, it is very important to ensure that the children get access to quality education, with easy access to schools, which should be made child-friendly spaces. The change we want to see in society begins with transforming children. When you donate for a child’s education, you not only help them acquire abilities to read, write and count, but also to absorb values that can help build a more caring society. Education develops a child into a responsible citizen whose everyday life and work contribute in a productive and meaningful manner to their family, their community and society as a whole. When a child is educated and has imbibed constitutional values, they change the world for better.
Children Studying, Diwali donation to ngo Learning beyond school


Hope is a very powerful state of mind, it builds positivity towards all things. When you donate, you give children of vulnerable communities hope for a better life and dreams of a brighter future. Your donation not only transforms the life of the child you sponsor, it also benefits the community in which they live. Your support builds sensitivity towards the need to protect and nurture children, solidarity towards each other and enhanced capacities to play a more active role in asserting constitutionally guaranteed rights and availing of entitlements provided to them by the government. Thus your support brings about real change on the ground, brought about through the collective actions of the community. A solid foundation for new hope and new dreams!
Sponsored Child, Gift for this Diwali New dreams new hope

This Diwali you can spread happiness and love with children less fortunate than you. Let us help them believe that the festival of lights will ensure that the problems that they face individually and with their communities will be defeated with the dawning of a bright new day!