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‘Feel Free’: A Low-Cost Sanitary Napkin That Holds Livelihood Opportunities for Women in Kolkata

Date : 7-May-2022

Kolkata: As part of its livelihood support programme for marginalised women, Muktokantho, a women’s collective in Kolkata is all set to market its first product, ‘Feel Free’ – a low-cost, eco-friendly sanitary napkin produced by the collective’s members after being trained by ActionAid Association.

Muktokantho emerged in Kolkata out of the Young Urban Women (YUW) initiative of ActionAid Association to explore ways to provide livelihood support to women living in informal worker settlements in the city.

In Kolkata, the initiative started in 2018 in ten urban localities. Today, the work has spread over to 16 urban localities, with more than 1,000 members. The YUW initiative is actively engaged across 13 cities of India.

Under the Muktokantho collective, ActionAid Association established a sanitary napkin-making training-cum-business unit with the support of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partner in November 2021.

In its first batch, 10 young women, impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, learned to make sanitary napkins through the six-month-long training; developed sales and marketing skills; and received working knowledge of maintaining stocks and accounts.

The sanitary pad-making unit is now ready to market its first product, ‘Feel Free’. It is a low-cost, eco-friendly, biodegradable, highly absorbent and sterilized product. It will be made accessible and affordable for women living in slums,” said Reshmi Ganguly, Programme Manager, ActionAid Association.

Ganguly also added that apart from marketing ‘Feel Free’, women would “spread awareness on napkin usage and would prepare the first-generation users for proper disposal of used napkins.


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