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Post Pandemic Outlook For Livelihoods – EMERGENT CHALLENGES & ASPIRATIONS

Update: Update: December 31, 2021

The Work 4 Progress (W4P) program was launched in India by the “la Caixa” Foundation towards the end of 2016 and subsequently in Peru and Mozambique. The program seeks to create new employment opportunities for young people and women through open platforms or networks for social innovation formed by civil society organizations, universities and public stakeholder institutions. Currently, the W4P program in India is operational in 345 villages across the two program geographies of Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bundelkhand and is working with socially and economically disadvantaged communities and individual women and young adults.

The pandemic induced by COVID-19 in 2019 and its consecutive waves has wreaked havoc globally and brought high levels of uncertainty in the lives of individuals, communities and nations as well as disruptions in the economy, social networks and systems of governance. The Work4Progress (W4P) program that adopts a social innovation approach is designed to work with complexity and offers tools to comprehend emergent challenges, navigate uncertainties and adapt to changes.

Stories and articles from the ground shared in this second issue of the e-newsletter bring together the emerging outlook for livelihoods, the shifts in the narratives and the emergent challenges.