Women and Youth Lead Entrepreneurship in Bundelkhand – ISSUE 5 – ActionAid India
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Women and Youth Lead Entrepreneurship in Bundelkhand – ISSUE 5

Update: Update: August 18, 2023

The Work4Progress (W4P) programme, launched in India towards the end of 2016 and subsequently in Peru and Mozambique by the ”la Caixa’’ Foundation, seeks to create new employment opportunities. The programme operates as an open platform for social innovation, formed by civil society organizations, financing institutions, research and technology agencies, and public stakeholder institutions. Social innovation is at the core of the W4P approach and brings with it advanced tools and methodologies for key processes of listening, co-creating, prototyping and accelerating. Deep listening lays a solid foundation for community-centeredness, innovation, and social change.
In the 5th issue of our e-newsletter, we present compelling stories of change in Bundelkhand, where women and youth are actively shaping new narratives. These inspiring accounts reflect the shifts in the ecosystem that is beginning to nurture and support the growing entrepreneurial spirit in the region.