At ActionAid Association (AAA), we recognise the importance of supporting people living in poverty to rebuild their lives through sustainable initiatives that promote lasting change. We, therefore, link our emergency response to our longer term development work, helping change the power dynamics that keep people in poverty and at the same time increasing their resilience to future disasters.

In the recovery phase of emergency response we undertake medium and long term rehabilitation and resilience building efforts aimed at rebuilding lives and livelihoods of the communities affected by disasters.

Depending on the scale of the emergency and continuing needs of those affected, we undertake following activities under this phase:

  • Ensuring economic livelihoods through enterprise development and promotion of skills
  • Providing shelter assistance through repairing or rebuilding houses
  • Protection of vulnerable people including women and girls
  • Providing psychosocial assistance wherever necessary
  • Aiding the restoration work of key infrastructure like schools and hospitals
  • Social mobilization/campaigning
  • Promoting women’s leadership and participation in decision-making and policy formulation as a central component of resilience
  • Increase understanding of the concept of resilience and implementing emergency preparedness and resilience building plan.