Empowering women through awareness initiatives in Chennai

Published on: Tuesday 12th Apr 2016
Empowering women through awareness initiatives in Chennai
ActionAid in partnership with CWM, work in Chennai slums and resettlement colonies on the outskirts of the city. We reach out to about 6000 families and 10000 women and girls who are mainly domestic helpers and garment factory workers. CWM-ActionAid’s work is bringing transformation in the lives of hundreds of women workers.Nagomi studied upto 5th standard and started to work as a tailor in an export company at the age of 14 years. She joined `Penn Thozhilalar Sangam’ (Women Worker’s Union) initiated by CWM. Attending the meetings made her aware about workers issues and welfare schemes.Such knowledge helped her to facilitate, along with union members, community women workers to avail scholarship for their children, old age pension, maternity benefit, and accident compensation. They closely work with the local leaders with regards to issues like laying proper roads, Anganwadi centre to the community, etc. The women of the community now have gained the courage to approach the police with regard to any anti-social activities happening.“We women feel empowered, knowledgeable, secured, dignified and satisfied to work for our community wellbeing. We are proud to be the change agents for our community development.”

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