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Aisha’s Story: How an After-School Programme Enabled Her to Understand Math and Science Better!

Published on: Friday, 1st March 2024

Author: Pramod Naikodi

Photo: Aisha, 2nd row and 2nd from left

Aisha is a 13-year old girl studying in 8th grade at a government school in Palda village, Muzaffarnagar district, Uttar Pradesh. She lives with her parents and two younger siblings. Aisha loves going to school yet faces challenges in subjects like science and maths due to the dearth of dedicated teachers. Seeing this gap in education, ActionAid Association started an after-school learning centre in her village, making a huge difference in the life of Aisha and that of many other children.

Aisha says, “Before the learning centre, understanding science and maths felt impossible. Our school lacked proper guidance and resources, making it hard to keep up with lessons. ActionAid Association changed that, they not only filled the educational gaps but also made learning science and math fun!”

At the learning centre, patient and knowledgeable mentors take the time to explain difficult concepts in a way that students can understand. Aisha mentioned that her mentors’ love for teaching has motivated her, making her genuinely interested in subjects that used to be challenging. With their help, she not only improved her grades but also developed a love for learning beyond the classroom.

ActionAid Association has set up three such learning centres in Muzaffarnagar, helping 200 children understand mathematics and science better! One key feature of the learning centre is the library, as the programme understood that having access to books is crucial for a good education. Keeping in mind that many families face financial constraints in buying books, the variety of available books in the library complement the students’ lessons while expanding their knowledge of the world around them.