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Empowering Change: Paromita’s Fight Against Child Marriage!

Published on: Friday, 1st March 2024

Author: Pramod Naikodi

Photo: Paromita, Centre in First Row

Child marriage continues to plague many communities in India, impacting countless lives. Yet, despite the hurdles posed, there is room for hope! Meet Paromita, an inspiring 8th-grade student from Bhubaneswar, Odisha who is making waves in the fight against child marriage in her community. Through door-to-door campaigns, rallies, and school events such as oath-taking ceremonies, activities facilitated by ActionAid Association in partnership with Centre for Child and Women Development, Paromita is raising awareness to end child marriage.

During the oath-taking ceremony, club members visit different schools to administer a pledge to all students to eradicate child marriage and child labour. This pledge signifies a resolute commitment to oppose these issues, emphasizing the importance of education and the necessity for a protective environment for all children.

Paromita takes pride in being a member of a child club initiated by ActionAid Association, and shares her journey: “Coming from a humble family background, my father works as a labourer in a construction site, and my mother is employed as a domestic helper. Despite facing financial challenges, my parents prioritize the education of my two younger siblings and me. As an active member in the Child Club, I engage in various activities to raise awareness and advocate for children’s rights. Through the club, I passionately contribute to initiatives focused on educating my peers about fundamental rights such as education, health and a safe environment.”

Paromita’s involvement in the Child Club has not only empowered her but has also transformed her into a strong advocate for children’s issues. She stands as a voice of change and champion in the fight against child marriage. Her story sets an example on how empowered individuals can make an impact in creating a better, safer future for all children.