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Empowering women farmers of Pithoragarh

Published on: Wednesday, 30th October 2019

Author: Priyanka Khullar

Association for Rural Planning and Action (ARPAN) and ActionAid Association, with support from Oracle, have been working towards the empowerment of women farmers from marginalized communities in Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand. Running across 15 villages spread over Dharchula, Didihat and Kanalichhina blocks, this initiative is building capacities of women on various issues, besides facilitating the formation and strengthening of women’s collectives.

We are pleased to share that 16 women’s farming collectives have been formed across the 15 intervention villages with a total membership of more than 800 women farmers. As part of this initiative, through training programmes and exposure visits, these women farmers have been oriented on low-cost farming techniques, climate-resilient sustainable agriculture, vegetable farming techniques, seedbanks, tool-banks, formation of vermicompost as well as the marketing of agricultural produce. Besides, these women have been linked with several government schemes and entitlements.

You would be happy to learn that these women have now started selling their produce in the local market and are making good profits. The women’s collectives are planning to come together as a federation to enhance the marketing strength for their various products. Through the consistent efforts of these collectives, 16 seedbanks have been opened across the three blocks and nearly 850 women farmers are associated with these banks. Besides, two water-tanks have been set up in the district for water conservation. Furthermore, 25 quintals of organic manure has been prepared by these women over the last six months, out of which 5 quintals was sold in the market while the rest was used in their own fields. What’s more – 65 women are now growing vegetables in their kitchen gardens, and they are happy to see fresh, nutritious and healthy food being consumed by them and their families! Read more here.