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Kaam Mango Abhiyan: Uplifting the Lives of Informal Workers

Published on: Tuesday, 3rd October 2023

Author: Shalini Perumal (with inputs from Ali Faraz)

Kaam Mango Abhiyan is an innovative and critical social security campaign undertaken by ActionAid Association to uplift the lives of informal labourers, with a particular focus on women workers and individuals from marginalized communities. Operating across 20 districts in Uttar Pradesh, this campaign is a beacon of hope as it addresses the core challenges these excluded groups face by organizing legal awareness camps, facilitating documentation processes, and monitoring cases of exploitation and violence.
Key Activities and Achievements:
  • AAA organized legal camps across 20 districts to raise awareness about labour rights, entitlements, and the registration process under the E-shram portal and the Building and Other Construction Workers (BoCW) Act.
  • The campaign set up labour facilitation camps in villages to assist labourers in completing documentation requirements and provided a platform for reporting cases of exploitation, wage theft, and violence.
  • Kaam Mango Abhiyan actively engaged with local authorities, labour unions, and policymakers to advocate for reforms that support the rights of informal labourers and women workers.
  • The campaign successfully mobilized local communities to rally behind the cause, fostering a sense of unity and collective action.
  • We undertook extensive monitoring efforts to track cases of atrocities, wage theft, or violence against informal labourers, ensuring timely intervention and justice.
Core Issues addressed and challenges faced during the campaign:
  • The campaign is committed to eliminating wage disparities and promoting gender equality within the informal labour sector.
  • Kaam Mango Abhiyan has worked tirelessly to ensure that labourers can access their entitled benefits, including healthcare, social security, and pensions.
  • The campaign has empowered labourers to assert their rights and seek protection under labour laws by facilitating registration and documentation processes.
However, challenges remain. Overcoming deeply ingrained biases and resistance to change has been an ongoing challenge in the quest for gender equality and labour rights. Also, ensuring effective implementation of policy changes at the grassroots level remains a persistent challenge.
We are proud that the Kaam Mango Abhiyan has made remarkable strides to empower informal labourers, women workers, and individuals from excluded communities in Uttar Pradesh!