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Kadudas Kamble from Beed Advances Land Rights for Slum-dwellers and Gairan Dharaks

Published on: Wednesday, 19th April 2023

Author: Priyanka Khullar (with inputs from Mashkoor Alam)

Kadudas Haribhau Kamble, a community-based human rights defender, has been working in the Beed district of Maharashtra for the past 24 years on issues of land rights; child rights, including their right to education; and rights of de-notified tribes and people living in slums.
In 1998, Kadudas formed Jhoppad Patti Haq Sangharsh Samiti and mobilised over 5,000 slum-dwellers in Georai town of Beed to demand land ownership rights. His tireless efforts enabled 886 slum-dwelling families in Georai to receive ownership rights over land for housing.
That’s not all! Through Gairan Haq Sangharsh Samiti, formed by him in 2002, Kadudas has led a far-reaching movement for grazing land rights. He is one of the leading activists who mobilised thousands of gairan dharaks (people accessing grazing land) to submit their demand for grazing land ownership to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra with successful outcomes. More than 1,100 families in Marathwada have subsequently benefited.
While working with marginalised communities, Kadudas Kamble has also served as President of Maharashtra Samajik Suraksha Samiti. In addition, he has been actively participating in various initiatives, including Manvi Haq Abhiyan, Eklavya Sanghatana and Ration Haq Sangharsh Samiti, besides several other movements related to labour rights, including those striving to eradicate bonded and child labour.
More power to Kadudas Haribhau Kamble!