“I had the most adventurous as well as the most rewarding of experiences I’ve ever had while volunteering at ActionAid. It would be hard to put into words.”

– Kuljan


“ActionAid gave me a chance to try myself in secondary research. I was to find information on Agriculture. My work on Agriculture in India focused on the status of marginal.”

– Saqib

Dr. Debashrita Chatterjee

ActionAid India provided the platform where one could make a positive change among underprivileged children through volunteer service. The best part was that my services were not limited to only teaching activities.  I was free to do anything that helped children to actively participate in development activities, and ActionAid had welcomed such new initiatives.  It was nice to be a part of the ActionAid to contribute to the children’s world.

– Dr. Debashrita Chatterjee

ActionAid Association Volunteer