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Promoting women entrepreneurs

Promoting women entrepreneurs

We promote entrepreneurship in women through collective enterprises. Women’s collectives began as an effort of making women aware of their rights. These are spaces where discussions on various socio-cultural and political issues were held, were women explored ways to resist the obstacles to their rights and entitlements and how to build solidarity within the community.

These women’s collectives have evolved into collective enterprises with strong women entrepreneurs leading others in sustainable livelihood activities that can be scaled up and networked with others.

The route to collective enterprises run by women entrepreneurs

Building sustainable women-only collectives with effective leadership.

A series of training on enhancing leadership qualities, political awareness and participation was organised.

Building technical skills for women to participate in the collective enterprise

Several capacity-building and skill-building training on various value-creating production processes, marketing, accounting and business development.

Microgrants to start the operations of collective enterprises

Women’s collectives provided tangible productive assets to start livelihood operations including articles such as nets, solar lights, pumps, opening stock etc. in the form of micro-grants.

Ensuring the recognition of women’s identity both as income-generating workers and for the unpaid care work they do

Workshops and training programs on gender sensitization for both men and women at collective and cluster level meetings. Participatory exercises to understand the unpaid care work women take up in their daily lives.

Linking women’s collectives to networks, local Civil Society Organisations and the government

Regular activities for network building with various stakeholders (including government agencies) at the local, district and state level to ensure that women entrepreneurs from collectives have a good rapport with concerned authorities. Support us