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Little Hands Creating Origami

Author: Nabajit Malakar
Posted on: Saturday, 15th April 2017
Today, Activate members are organizing a workshop on the Japanese paper folding art of Origami! For that, we have got some colorful origami sheets.

And we have two special volunteers skilled in origami..Aryan (Left) and Ayushi (Right). Ayushi and Aryan are going to show the kids some paper folding tricks while rest of us see if the kids are doing the folds right and guide.

Japneet and Saquib manages the excitement in the kids by offering them to begin by making absolutely anything they want!

And everyone gets one origami sheet each. Paula makes sure of it.

Kids are very choosy about colours.

And the game begins!

Now, the wonderful thing about creating art with kids is that they have this amazing habit of always questioning past wisdom and authority..armed with the most vivid of imaginations. And as dear Albert Einstein put it, imagination is more important than knowledge when it comes to creating anything!

And we, the Activate members cherish it and want to build on this imagination. Most of the activities we do are steered towards giving maximum space to the kids to express themselves freely. And yes, as you can see, they do get powerfully lost in what they do when they do it. We beleive that is imagination shaping ideas and we love it!

Something is already shaping up here..

Someone just continued drawing flowers..

And this is what they made!

A house and a ninja star

A flower. Or may be an orchid.

A fan

This can be used to pinch people, she demonstrates!

Japneet displays a child’s origami art work..

Saquib: Kids, what have you made here?   |   Kids: Bread Pakora!!

Now, the workshop begins. The first item the kids have chosen to make is the face of a horse. Here is Aryan showing the first fold..

Kids trying to get the first fold right

And then the second fold.

Ayushi is showing the children how to do the folds correctly

And after a number of folds, you get a HORSE FACE!

Time to start the second artwork. Japneet, Upama, Paula and Saquib makes the kids sit in circles.

This time, they are going to create an origami ball!

Everyone gets a colour of their choosing!

And the folding begins

And here you go! A Ball!

When you have a ball, you PLAY!

Some wanted to pose with what Aryan had made to show them..

A Camel

A Dinosaur

The produce of the day!

Dinosaurs can become aggresive at times!


Mr. Rajesh Gautam, SPYM’s Activity Coordinator is checking out the ActivateStreets blog!

We thank SPYM staff for doing the wonderful work with the children in the Nizammudin Homeless Shelter and DUSIB for facilitating the work, including the participation of Activate members in it.

We are looking forward to the Painting Competition next week. We hope you are too!

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Photo Story by Nabajit Malakar | ActionAid

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