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No, I am not a feminist – a poem

Author: Ruchi Pathak
Posted on: Tuesday, 1st January 2013

No, I am not a feminist.

No, I am not an activist.

I am just an ordinary female.

Yes! a very ordinary female.

With lot of queries, haunting my mind.

All to which, I am seeking a reply.

They worship my form in temples and admire my beauty endlessly.

Then tell me why? They are sad, when I come to this planet and give my first cry.

They receive my love as a daughter and steal my heart as a lover.

Then tell me why? When found alone in a lonely street and dark night, they make me a prey of all their might.

They respect my credibility at workplace and regard my commitment as a leader.

Then tell me why? When I get married, my father pays a heavy sum to get me all those rights which I enjoy as a bride.

They seek my devotion as a wife and make me ready for all sacrifice.

Then tell me why? In my Grey days, I have to prove that it was me who acted as the guiding light in their lives.

While resting in my armchair, I suddenly realize, that I am no one but a woman, whose duty is to give and it is their right to take.   

To take me for granted all the while.

No, I am not a feminist.

Yes, I am an ordinary female seeking answers to questions, questions which remained unanswered throughout my life.  


Composed by-:  Ruchi Pathak

(This poem is based on real life experiences of Indian women. You could write to her at