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ActionAid India works in 25 states and 1 union territory of India, with a vision to A world without poverty, patriarchy and injustice in which every person enjoys the right to life with dignity.


since: 2012
    • Name Of The Initiative
    • Poshan Abhiyan
    • Allied Organisation
    • Sankalp Samaj Savi Sanstha
    • Working together since
    • 2015
    • States
    • Madhya Pradesh
    • Villages Reached
    • 48
    • Blocks Reached
    • 3
    • Districts Reached
    • 3
    • No Of Girls
    • 5,595
    • No Of Boys
    • 5,862
    • No Of People With Disability
    • 96
    • Families Indirectly Benefited
    • 909
    • Vulnerable Groups Reached
    • Tribal, Dalit, Women, Children
    • Focus Areas Of Intervention
    • Empowering the communities to access their rights over land, water, forests and other commons; advocating for their participation in public welfare schemes; restoring rights of women and girls, and ensuring their safety; and advocating for providig them with equal socio-economic opportunities.
    • Basic Information about the initiative
    • Madhya Pradesh is the home of the greatest population of severely malnourished children in India. In Madhya Pradesh 60% of children are malnourished. The National Family Health Survey-3 estimates that 1.26 million under five children in Madhya Pradesh are suffering from severe acute malnutrition (SAM). These children have high mortality rates ranges in the range of 20-30% children suffer from SAM due to the cumulative effects of poor diet, lack of health services, and diseases, such as Diarrhea. The situation of Madhya Pradesh is "extremely alarming" on the global hunger index 2008 and it is comparable to the African countries of Ethiopia and Chad. GHI measures hunger on the basis of three indicators namely child malnutrition, child mortality rates and the number of people who are calorie deficient. And the state of Madhya Pradesh depicts worst performance on all the three indicators. Madhya Pradeshメs poor performance on the GHI is primarily due to its relatively high levels of child malnutrition and undernourishment resulting from calorie deficient diets.
    • KeyWords
    • Livelihood; land rights; Tribals, Child rights; women rights; gender equality; welfare;
    • Families Benefited
    • 5,195
    • Population Benefited
    • 39,513
    • Women Benefited
    • 13,559
    • Men Benefited
    • 14,401
    • Children Benefited
    • 11,457