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ActionAid India works in 25 states and 1 union territory of India, with a vision to A world without poverty, patriarchy and injustice in which every person enjoys the right to life with dignity.


since: 2012
    • Name Of The Initiative
    • Samuhik Marudi Pratikar Udyam Padampur (SMPUP)
    • Allied Organisation
    • Triranga Yuvak Sangha
    • Working together since
    • 2007
    • States
    • Odisha
    • Villages Reached
    • 107
    • Blocks Reached
    • 4
    • Districts Reached
    • 1
    • No Of Girls
    • 5,735
    • No Of Boys
    • 3,000
    • No Of People With Disability
    • 498
    • Families Indirectly Benefited
    • 22,383
    • Vulnerable Groups Reached
    • ST, SC, Informal Sector Labour
    • Focus Areas Of Intervention
    • Empowering the communities to access their rights over land, water, forests and other commons; advocating for their participation in public welfare schemes; restoring rights of women and girls, and ensuring their safety; and advocating for providig them with equal socio-economic opportunities.
    • Basic Information about the initiative
    • The origin of the SMPUP network came from the learning of CADMB (Collective Action for Drought Mitigation in Bolangir), a network initiative by ActionAid, after 7 years of working on the issue of drought and migration in Bolangir district. After the issue was adequately highlighted and recognized by state Government, it was realized that drought and migration is not just the issue of Bolangir but of other parts of Western Odisha including adjacent Baragarh district, specifically Padampur sub-division. Hence to make the issue broader and include more people to this cause, SMPUP got conceptualized for similar intervention in Padmapur sub division in 2004. It became the LRP in 2007. Samuhik Marudi Pratikar Udyam, Padmapur (SMPUP) is a network of 3 NGOs and 4 CBOs coming together to fight for the rights of poor and marginalized people in Padmapur sub-division of Bargarh district in Odisha. The network has been working in the area in addressing the problems of people in 4 blocks namely Padampur, Paikmal, Gaisilet and Jharbandh of Padampur sub-division. The network is closely working with Adivasi/Dalits/OBC category.
    • KeyWords
    • Livelihood; land rights; Tribals, Child rights; women rights; gender equality; welfare;
    • Families Benefited
    • 14,278
    • Population Benefited
    • 60,332
    • Women Benefited
    • 24,839
    • Men Benefited
    • 26,260
    • Children Benefited
    • 8,735