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ActionAid India works in 25 states and 1 union territory of India, with a vision to A world without poverty, patriarchy and injustice in which every person enjoys the right to life with dignity.


since: 2012
    • Name Of The Initiative
    • The issues of agricultural crisis impacting small and marginal farmers in Medak District of Telangana (LRP)
    • Allied Organisation
    • Aashray/Caring Citizens Collective
    • Working together since
    • 2012
    • States
    • Telangana
    • Villages Reached
    • 42
    • Blocks Reached
    • 1
    • Districts Reached
    • 1
    • No Of Girls
    • 2,450
    • No Of Boys
    • 2,000
    • No Of People With Disability
    • 1,217
    • Families Indirectly Benefited
    • 9,341
    • Vulnerable Groups Reached
    • Dalits, backward classes, women
    • Focus Areas Of Intervention
    • Empowering the communities to access their rights over land, water, forests and other commons; advocating for their participation in public welfare schemes; restoring rights of women and girls, and ensuring their safety; ensuring the rights of children, their education and protection; and advocating for providig them with equal socio-economic opportunities
    • Basic Information about the initiative
    • Aashray is an organisation which is working mainly with the street children and destitute children who are running away from their homes for different reasons. Aashray is based at Hyderabad which worked with Actionaid particularly in BalaTejassu project. Aashray with the help of CCC is executing this LRP project at field level. Caring Citizens' Collective is presently concentrating in Medak District of Telangana Region in Andhra Pradesh. Medak is most back ward district and it is a semi-arid zone. Low rainfall, sometimes failure of monsoons affects agriculture thus dependent communities. A majority of the population depends on agriculture. Since the mid-nineties, the state of Andhra Pradesh has witnessed a steady rise of the phenomenon of suicides of farmers. These have been mostly small and marginal farmers. Several reasons are attributed to this disturbing phenomenon in the state, particularly in the Telangana region: changing weather conditions creating a situation of severe drought, lack of ground water irrigation sources, digging bore wells for water and failures, extreme indebtedness, failure of bank institutions to extend the loans in timely manner, increasing capital investment, lack of reasonable market price for farm produce, and increasing stress caused by indebtedness.
    • KeyWords
    • Tribal; Land; Rights; Livelihood; Tribals; Children; Welfare; Education; Women; Safety;
    • Families Benefited
    • 3,677
    • Population Benefited
    • 15,438
    • Women Benefited
    • 4,752
    • Men Benefited
    • 5,019
    • Children Benefited
    • 4,450

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